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Concrete Paver Driveway

Get a free estimate from the concrete paver installers at Kingston Road Roofing and Construction in Toronto. Our services include new installations, lift and relays, repair work and more.

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Interlock Concrete Paver Driveways Toronto

Pavers Kingston (5)Our contractors offer an unrivaled service for repairing or constructing driveways using interlock concrete pavers in Toronto

Concrete pavers are the number one choice for customers in Toronto that want something that can be tailored to suit your residence. Available in a wide range of colors and laying patterns, your imagination is the limit.

Kingston Road Roofing and Construction offers installation services for concrete pavers in Toronto, which can be used to stylishly and affordably build new patios, walkways, and hardstanding areas.

We provide free estimates where our paver designers can go through our installation services with you and help customize the driveway to suit your requirements, from designing the shape of the driveway to front doorsteps, drainage systems, and paths.

  • Patio flagstones
  • Concrete pavers
  • Drainage systems
  • Decorating walling
  • Interlock paving

The concrete pavers at Kingston Road Roofing and Construction can provide solutions from new installations to extensive paver repair work.

To get a free estimate from our concrete paver installers in Toronto or to discuss the work with us in more detail, call Kingston Road Roofing and Construction on (416) 930-6718.

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