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Walkway Installers Toronto

walkways-los-angeles-pasadena (3)Toronto walkway contractors, Kingston Road Roofing and Construction, understands the importance of walkway design and installation. It can have a huge impact on the visual appearance of your home whilst still providing a safe and functional way to allow easy access to and around your home.

Do you have a walkway that is cracked, buckling, and getting progressively worse after each winter? How about unsightly weed growth that comes back year after year? Kingston Road Roofing and Construction, would like to help.

Our options for Toronto include:

  • Walkway pavers
  • Travertine paths
  • Concrete walkways
  • Bluestone pathways

First, we came up with a new design showing the way that the new walkway would complement the property and provide you with multiple surfacing during our free estimate.

With a wide variety of materials, such as concrete pavers, brick, bluestone, travertine, flagstones and natural stones, you will surely find something that compliments your property characteristics and personal taste.

Finally, additional structures such as piers, sitting walls and small garden walls can add dimension to a basic walkway, further appealing the area.

Why not call Kingston Road Roofing and Construction on (416) 930-6718 to discuss the work with our walkway installers for Toronto?

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