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Chimney Repairs

We offer chimney services to keep your chimney safe and in great shape. From chimney cap replacement and chimney lining to chimney repointing and more in Toronto

We Install, Repair, Clean, and Reline Chimneys in Toronto

When you notice an issue with your chimney, if its cracked, or a problem with the brickwork around it, call Kingston Road Roofing and Construction for a free chimney inspection in Toronto.

By dealing with the problem fast, you can prevent long-term damage or more expensive issues that can occur over long-term water ingress.

IMG-20230801-WA0023Brick, like other masonry products, loses its integrity over time. If your chimney’s masonry decays over time – the bricks begin to crumble or birds and squirrels have come to roost, your chimney will quickly fall into disrepair.

Chimney leaks are often caused by damaged or improperly installed flashing or cracks in your mortar or brick. Our skilled technicians will determine how to repair or rebuild your chimney and stop the leak for good!

  • Brick/masonry repair
  • Firebox repair or replacement
  • Chimney caps
  • Chimney liner

Call Kingston Road Roofing and Construction on (416) 930-6718 for a free estimate for chimney repairs in Toronto today.


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